The beginnings of our stable

The idea to own and later breed pure blood Arabian horses has been growing in the minds of the Gołaszewski family for years, to finally take on a final shape in 2011. It was then that Czesław Gołaszewski built the first stable, on land owned by his family for generations. That’s how REGINA ARABIANS came to be, a stud that today is a home to several tens of Arabian horses. Located in the Wysokie Mazowieckie county, in a village called Faszcze, which is not easy for foreigners to pronounce, the stud’s architecture combines modern style with traditional elements characteristic for Poland’s eastern territories. Surrounded by vast, encouraging pastures, it is the perfect place to breed horses.


The first horse

The first mare to arrive and make herself at home in the newly built facilities was a daughter of Ecaho – the grey EMANZA, present at the stud until this day. As befits a founder, she has secured a special retirement at REGINA. Later came others.


Our stable today

Today there are over a dozen broodmares at the stud. We are awaiting thirteen foals in 2024 by MORION, D HADDAR and EKS FARAJJ. The breeding program, apart from focusing on type and beauty, also has room for racing individuals. Horses bred and owned by us are successful at the races and mares from racing lines (AJIBA AL MELS and NESMA AL MELS) are bred to the leading racing stallions from all over the world.